Sessions, Panels & Forums

Plenary Invited Lectures
  1. "NASA's Future Propulsion Systems Research and Development"
    Mr. Ramon Lugo, Director of NASA Glenn Research Center

  2. "How to develop Sustainable Low-Carbon Society (LCS) for Japan and Asian countries? - Model Simulation and Roadmap -"
    Dr. Junichi Fujino, National Institute for Environmental Studies

  3. "Advanced Aeroengine Technologies to Reduce the Effect of Aviation on the Environment"
    Professor Richard J. Parker, Director of Research & Technology, Rolls-Royce Group

Keynote Lectures in Technical Sessions
  1. "Shape Optimization of Casing Treatment for a Transonic Axial Compressor to Improve Operating Stability"
    Kwang-Yong Kim, Inha University, Korea (in Organized Session: ADSE)

  2. "New Directions in Turbomachinery Aero-Acoustics"
    Zoltan S. Spakovszky, MIT, GTL, USA (in Organized Session: SV)

  3. "Boosting and Turbocharger Needs for Highly Downsized Low Carbon Vehicles"
    Ricardo F. Martinez-Botas, Imperial College, UK (in Organized Session: DOTT)

  4. "Recent Technologies for Concentrated Solar Power Systems and Steam Turbines"
    Nobuo Okita, Toshiba Corporation, (in Organized Session: STGS)

  5. "Fluid Dynamic Efficiency Optimization of Steam Turbine Stages Considering Leakage Influences and Inter-stage Reciprocal Interferences"
    Xin Yuan, Tsinghua University, China, (in Organized Session: STAE)

  6. "A Suggested Mechanism of Significant Stall Suppression by Air Separator Devices in Axial Flow Fans"
    Nobuyuki Yamaguchi, Meisei University, Japan, (in Organized Session: ADSE)

  7. "Aerodynamic Losses in Turbines With and Without Film Cooling"
    Phil Ligrani, Saint Louis University, USA, (in General Session: HT)

Panels and Forums
  1. Panel Discussion on "CO2 Reduction in Power Plants and Designing a Low Carbon Society into the Future"
    Organized by Toshihiko Nakata (Tohoku University)

  2. Panel Discussion on "Trends in Aero Engine Technology Associated with Environmental Issues and CO2 Reduction (Short term strategy)"
    Organized by Toshinori Watanabe (University of Tokyo), Atsushi Makino, Keiichi Okai (JAXA), and Kuniyuki Imanari (IHI)
    (Click to see detail)

  3. Forum on "Trends in Aero Engine Technology Associated with Environmental Issues and CO2 Reduction (Long term strategy)"
    Organized by Toshinori Watanabe (University of Tokyo), Atsushi Makino, Keiichi Okai(JAXA), and Kuniyuki Imanari (IHI)
    (Click to see detail)

  4. Forum on "Asian Energy and Environmental Strategy"
    Organized by Toshinori Watanabe (University of Tokyo)
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Special Events Celebrating 40th Anniversary of IGTC

Organized Sessions (OS)

Sessions on more specific issues than those in general sessions are to be organized as listed below. Offers of organized sessions on specific topics associated with gas turbine technology other than these from voluntary contributors are welcomed. At least four papers are expected in a session. Please contact for your proposal by November 30, 2010.

  1. Steam Turbine Aerodynamic Efficiency Enhancement and Wet Steam Loss Reduction (STAE)
    Organized by Tadashi Tanuma (Teikyo University) and Eiji Saito (Hitachi)
    Keywords: high-efficiency blading, sealing technologies, exhaust hoods, wetness losses, CFD and experiment technologies
  2. Steam Turbine Long Blade Development Technology: Aerodynamic and Mechanical Designs, Aero-elasticity Issues, Materials (STLB)
    Organized by Tadashi Tanuma (Teikyo University) and Eiji Saito (Hitachi)
    Keywords: transonic blading, blade flutter, vibration damping technologies, blade materials, rotor materials
  3. Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Steam Turbine Systems and Components (STUS)
    Organized by Tadashi Tanuma (Teikyo University) and Eiji Saito (Hitachi)
    Keywords: high temperature materials, welding and manufacturing technologies, cooling design of hot flow paths
  4. Developments and Designs of Geothermal and Solar Thermal Steam Turbines (STGS)
    Organized by Tadashi Tanuma (Teikyo University) and Eiji Saito (Hitachi)
    Keywords: wet steam turbines, short duration start-up and shut down, optimum design of systems and turbines
  5. Stability Enhancement (ADSE)
    Organized by Kwang-Yong Kim (Inha University) and Takahiro Nishioka (Hitachi)
    Keywords: Stall margin, Casing treatment and air separator, Active flow control, Stability enhancement using advanced design method
  6. Turbocharger Technology (DOTT)
    Organized by Hideaki Tamaki (IHI) and Seiichi Ibaraki (MHI)
    Keywords: Compressor Aerodynamics, Turbine Aerodynamics, Rotordynamics, Structural Mechanics and Vibration, Noise Reduction, New Turbocharger Systems, Manufacturing, New Products
  7. Advanced Gas Turbine Materials Development, Manufacturing and Evaluations (MTGDME)
    Organized by A. Yoshinari
    Keywords: Superalloys, Directional solidification, Single crystal, Alternative materials, Liquid metal cooling, Powder metallurgy
  8. Advanced Steam Turbine Materials Development, Manufacturing, and Evaluations (MTSDME)
    Organized by Y. Yoshioka (Toshiba)
    Keywords: Ferritic alloy steels, Superalloys, Welded rotors, Manufacturing technologies, Creep, Phase stability, Type IV cracking
  9. Coating Materials Development, Processing, and Evaluations (MTCPE)
    Organized by T. Ogata
    Keywords: Corrosion, Oxidaion, MCrAlY coating, Thermal barrier coating, TGO, CMAS, Thermomechanical fatigue Diffusion coating, APS, LPPS, EB-PVD, Cold spray
  10. Gas Turbine Component Failure Mechanisms and Reliability Studies and Life Assessment (MTFRL)
    Organized by T. Ogata
    Keywords: Thermomechanical fatigue, Creep life, Fatifue life, Degradation and damage assessment, Coating life, Life assessment
  11. Gas Turbine Component Repair and Refurbishment Technologies (MTRRT)
    Organized by A. Yoshinari and Y. Yoshioka
    Keywords: Repair technologies, Recoating technologies, Refurbishment technologies, Welding, Brazing, HIPing, Stripping, Cleaning

General Sessions (GS)
  1. Aerodynamics (AD)
    Organized by Yutaka Ota (Waseda University), Eisaku Ito (MHI), and Takanori Shibata (Hitachi)

  2. Structure, Vibration and Noise (SV)
    Organized by Shigehiko Kaneko (University of Tokyo)

  3. Materials (MT)
    Organized by Yomei Yoshioka (Toshiba)

  4. Systems and Control (SC)
    Organized by Hiroyuki Furukawa (IHI)

  5. Performance (PF)
    Organized by Norihiko Iki (AIST) and Takumi Ebara (Maruwa Electronic Inc.)

  6. Heat Transfer (HT)
    Organized by Kenichi Funazaki (Iwate University), Yoji Okita(IHI), Masahide Kazari (KHI), and Hasato Tagawa (Hitachi)

  7. Combustion (CB)
    Organized by Fumiteru Akamatsu (Osaka University) and Atsushi Makino (JAXA)

  8. Development and Operation (DO)
    Organized by Eiichi Koda (CRIEPI) and Kazuhiko Tanimura (KHI)

  9. Steam Turbines (ST)
    Organized by Tadashi Tanuma (Teikyo University) and Eiji Saito (Hitachi)

  10. Progress in R&D over recent 40 years (RD)
    Organized by Makoto Yamamoto (Tokyo University of Science)

  11. Others (OT)
    Organized by Nobuhiko Yamasaki (Kyusyu University)