Message from GTSJ President

On behalf of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan, GTSJ, I am very pleased to welcome all the participants of the International Gas Turbine Congress 2011 Osaka.

The GTSJ has been providing up-to-date information on all aspects of gas turbine technologies through various conferences for 40 years. One of the most important activities among them has been to host the International Gas Turbine Congress every four years with the support of collaborating societies all around the world.

The International Gas Turbine Congress, IGTC, was first held in 1971 in Tokyo. Since then, a series of nine congresses has been held in Japan. A large number of people from academia, industry, and government have participated in these congresses from various areas of the world and presented the results of their research and experiences. The IGTC'11 is the tenth international congress organized by GTSJ and continues the tradition of the previous nine congresses held in Japan.

Gas turbine and related technologies have greatly advanced in the last decade thanks to improvements in the efficiency, reliability, and cleanness of exhaust emissions. The research and development activities of advanced gas turbine systems are underway for the next generation. In addition, especially after the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster, the gas turbine has attracted much attention as a feasible platform to be used in highly efficient emergency electric generators. Under these circumstances, I believe that this international congress is a timely and beneficial event, allowing participating researchers and engineers from various areas of the world to exchange information on the latest research and technical achievements.

Finally, my sincere gratitude is extended to the collaborating and cooperative societies, the members of the International Advisory Committee, the supporting foundations, and the corporate members of the Gas Turbine Society of Japan for their contributions in making this congress possible. Special thanks are also directed to the members of the Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee for their great effort in the preparation of the congress.

Yasukata Tsutsui
President (FY2011), Gas Turbine Society of Japan